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Welcome! We are the Speedy Spa Moving, a hot tub movers company based in Tampa, Florida. We are proud to offer our quality spa removal and hot tub relocation services with the goal of achieving client satisfaction. Over the years, we have grown our referrals and satisfied customers.

These are the hot tub moving services we offer:

  • Spa removal or disposal
  • Hot tub relocation
  • Specialty moving
  • Hot tub delivery
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About Us

Our customers range from private individuals to big companies.

And we do short and long-distance hot tub relocation at an affordable price and reasonable timeframe. 


True to our namesake, Speedy Spa Moving provides hot tub relocation services fast and effectively. If you want to move your hot tub or have a spa you want to relocate, we are at your service. There is no hot tub too big or small that out expert hot tub movers cannot move.


Moving bulky personal properties like a hot tub is often a source of stress. It eats up a lot of time planning and actually moving the thing to where it needs to be. Good thing, Speedy Spa Moving are an expert in this field.


To get full detail about our hot tub moving company and the hot tub moving services contact us today. We offer a complete range of professional hot tub relocation services for both residential and commercial customers.


You can also start your hot tub moving journey with us by getting a free estimate right now by contacting one of our representatives.

Why Hire Speedy Spa Moving?


We are the hot tub movers crew that can do the job

We offer a variety of spa and hot tub moving services for commercial or residential clients.

You will get more out of your budget and save on time

We strive to provide the highest quality spa relocation services that will reduce the cost of the move.

We act fast and bring your hot tub to its rightful location

Our crew believes that it is never too early to begin preparing and packing your hot tub. Speedy Spa Moving be at your location to start the removal or relocation as soon as possible.


Our Spa Relocation Services

Need to get the hot tub in your backyard? Or what to remove an old, unwanted hot tub sitting on your property? We got you covered!

  • We provide seamless hot tub moving services in Tampa, FL.
  • Our crew of professional spa relocation movers offers an exceptional experience because we want you to feel stress-free during the entire process.
  • We will provide a pre-move consultation.
  • Survey and inspect how to efficiently detach the hot tub from its current location.
  • Disassemble, pack, and haul away the hot tub or spa to its new home.
  • Deliver the hot tub to the new location and connect it to get it ready for the plumbing and electrical works.

How can Speedy Spa Moving help you move your hot tub?

Speedy Spa Moving has a range of strategies that are efficient and specifically tailored to the needs of our customers.

Hot Tubs & Spas We Move

When moving a hot tub, the amount of stress and physical strain can be overwhelming. Luckily, you know that there is a professional hot tub moving company nearby you can depend on. 

Speedy Spa Moving is here to assist you in your hot tub moving needs, and to teach you some of the tips and guidelines we have learned that will make the whole process so much easier.

First, we will explain the different types of hot tubs we know very well how to dismantle, carry out, and reinstall.


This type of hot tub comes in various shapes, sizes, features, styles, and colors. It is easy to install and dismantle.

Rotationally Molded Hot Tubs

The rotationally molded hot tubs usually weigh below 400 pounds. They have contoured seating, although they are not as lightweight as the portable spas, they are easy to move and install.

Wooden Hot Tubs

The wooden hot tubs look aesthetically pleasing. They can use an electric heater, wood fire heater, or gas heater.

Custom Made or Specialty Hot Tubs

Custom or specialty hot tubs are the types that are specifically built after the taste of the buyer. That means, it varies in size, shape, and features. Some are embezzled with LED lights that make it more exciting, while others come with their own music panels, built-in pop-up speakers, and wine holders.

While you can definitely move your hot tub with the help of some friends, but it is always best to hire someone who knows what they are doing. Consulting professional hot tub movers is worth the price. We are able to provide support with dismantling and hauling away the hot tub using the right tools and hot tub moving equipment that will ensure minimal mistakes and property damages.

Contact Our Hot Tub Relocation Experts

We are also one of the few professional hot tub mover companies in Tampa, Florida that specializes in delivering and moving specialty hot tubs and spas. There is one to prove our worthiness as professional hot tub movers and that is the positive feedback we get from our previous clients. Speedy Spa Moving aims to continuously make our business trustworthy, hence we are committed to our customers. 


As expert hot tub movers, we are proud to offer outstanding hot tub and spa moving experiences in and around Tampa, Florida. Wherever you want it to be, Speedy Spa Moving will haul it away for you.


We strive to provide the best hot tub moving services and solutions, so get in touch with our crew to get to know us and the work we do. To get a free quote for our services, feel free to leave Speedy Spa Moving a message or contact us through our hotline.

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