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Have a hot tub, sauna, or spa you need to move to a new location? It takes trained professionals to accomplish such a taxing job. 

Speedy Spa Movers is the answer to your problem!

We are a professional hot tub moving company based in Florida. 


clearwater fl hot tub moving service moving a spa

Clearwater FL Hot Tub Moving Company Nearby

The best spa moving services offer a complete package that includes:

  • Inspection

The Speedy Spa Movers team will examine your spa, hot tub, jacuzzi, or sauna. Our trained hot tub movers will carefully plan the best course of action to remove the hot tub without causing any property damage or physical injuries.

  • Relocation

We will use our hot tub moving equipment to disconnect, pack, and move the hot tub. We use industry equipment and tools that will ensure that our customers have a more efficient and safe moving process. We have all the right tools for short or long-distance hot tub moves.

  • Setup

All of the employees of Speedy Spa Movers are trained and knowledgeable of the hot tub moving process. We are capable of assisting our customers from beginning to end. Once we have reached the destination, we can help you tow and setup the hot tub or spa to its new location.


As a top-rated hot tub moving company in Florida, we ensure that all the requirements of our clients are fulfilled. 

Our professional hot tub relocation services guarantee:

clearwater fl hot tub moving

Fast-acting and trained personnel

Affordable commercial or residential spa disposal, hot tub moving, and hot tub packing, loading, and re-installing services

Accurate spa moving cost estimates

Excellent Clearwater FL customer support

Schedule your hot tub move today. Call our office for complete information about our hot tub relocation services and personnel.

Types of Equipment We Use As A Hot tub Removal Company

What hot tub moving equipment are necessary for moving a spa? How do we get rid of a rusty, old hot tub? 

Here are the spa relocation tools and equipment we often use:


  • Hand tools for disconnecting a hot tub, spa, sauna, or jacuzzi
  • Reciprocating saws or jigsaw for cutting old hot tubs into sections
  • A dolly for short-distance hot tub move
  • Trailer or pickup truck for actual hot tub transportation
  • Secure straps for hot tubs and spa covers
  • Hot tub crane or industry equipment and systems that are made specifically for lifting heavy items from a high angle or narrow spaces


Speedy Spa Movers is a professional tot tub moving company in FL offering spa moving services in and around the state including Clearwater, Brandon, and St Petersburg.


If you are looking to hire a hot tub moving company near you, call our hotline. A friendly Speedy Spa Movers customer support will answer your inquiries and guide you to the next steps.


Clearwater FL Hot Tub Movers

You can count on our professional hot tub movers. We will pair you with the right spa moving service, expert hot tub movers, and a specialized approach to your needs. 


No matter what type of hot tub or spa you have, we can come up with the best hot tub moving solutions for you. Tell us the details of your hot tub, sauna, or spa, and we will also provide a free estimate. 


There is no better hot tub moving service than ours! Set a meeting with our expert hot tub movers right now!

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