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Hot tubs can be very big and heavy. Leave the hot tub delivery to Speedy Spa Moving. Our expert hot tub movers will deliver your spa wherever you are in Tampa, Florida.

Speedy Spa Moving is at your service when it comes to hot tub delivery and installation. Our crewmen will deliver, position, and install the hot tub where you want it to be. Schedule a consultation with our team, or call our representative to get more details about our hot tub relocation and delivery services. 

Professional Hot Tub Delivery Services in Tampa, FL

Although delivering hot tubs does not necessarily require a permit, most cities and counties in Tampa, Florida require you or the licensed contractors that you are working with to obtain construction permits for installing a hot tub. 


Following the established procedures, Speedy Spa Moving can assist and give insights into the process. 

To prepare you, here is our pre-delivery checklist:

Before the delivery, choose a suitable location for the hot tub

hot tub delivery

Discuss with our professional hot tub movers the plan and delivery route. Can the hot tub pass through the sidewalks, gates, and doors without obstruction? Are there stairs in the route? How low is the ceiling and roof for overhead clearance?

Make sure the area or location is covered with a concrete slab. The hot tub needs to sit on level ground and have a solid foundation that can support its weight with and without occupants using it.

Ensure that there are available plumbing and electricity pipelines for the hot tub. Inadequate or improper plumbing and electricity systems could have tremendous damage to the property. Spas are required to have permanent wiring connections to the main power supply. Speedy Spa Moving strongly recommend customers consult and hire expert electricians and plumbers to inspect and conduct other necessary work.

Some things you should also consider are:

  • Determining the use of the hot tub, whether it will serve for therapeutic purposes or just for recreational use.

  • Planning for privacy and the changing weather conditions, especially for outdoor hot tubs.

  • Allowing for easy access by professional moving companies in Tampa, Florida, and expert hot tub movers and their hot tub moving equipment. Clearance for service access is crucial when planning the location of the spa or hot tub.
circular spa installed by a hot tub delivery service

Speedy Spa Moving is a reputable hot tub moving company in Tampa, FL. We are proud to carry and deliver the best hot tubs in the Tampa area. We value our customers and are excited to offer our hot tub moving services, including spa relocation and hot tub delivery.


So instead of trying to carry the hot tub on your own, let our team do it for you! Speedy Spa Moving is a full hot tub delivery and removal service company. With a number of  happy customers throughout Tampa, Florida, we are glad to offer our amazing services to new clients.


For any questions regarding our hot tub delivery and installation, or to get a pricing sample, please contact Speedy Spa Moving through our hotlines. Our delivery coordinator will discuss with you our services and delivery guide.

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