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Spa disposal is often a difficult undertaking. But with Speedy Spa Moving, consider it gone! 

Our comprehensive spa disposal services are designed to help spa owners get rid of old, junk spa or hot tubs. Call our office for pricing information.


A Premium Choice For Hot Tub Removal in Tampa, FL

With stellar reviews, Speedy Spa Moving is your premium choice for hauling away your old, unwanted hot tubs. Our crew consists of professional hot tub movers that can ensure the safety of the spa disposal process.


Most often than not, new customers come to us with these questions:


old hot tub that requires a spa disposal service

Can you remove a spa or hot tub from tight spaces and backyards?

Yes, we have strategies in place that can solve issues like maneuvering bulky hot tubs through tight spaces. Sometimes, we may have to cut the hot tub into pieces in order to easily remove it from its current location.

How much does hot tub removal services nearby costs?

The price for spa disposal depends on various factors like the weight, shape, and size of the old hot tub. The bigger the hot tub is, and considering how difficult it will be to remove, the pricier it will be. Speedy Spa Moving offers professional hot tub relocation services and spa disposal that are tailored to the needs of our clients. We are open to customized spa disposal services and discuss a fair price on hauling away your old spa.

Where do you put the old hot tub and what do you do with it?

As a hot tub removal company, our whole team is committed to ensuring the health and safety of individuals, and the preservation of our environment. With that, our expert hot tub movers will move the old, broken spa to a recycling facility and salvage any part or component of the hot tub that can be repaired or recycled.

What is the usual timeframe for the removal of an old hot tub?

Much like our hot tub relocation services, spa disposal may take around three to six hours to remove. As we have mentioned above, variables that we have to take into consideration include the size and weight of the hot tub and its distance from the loading truck.

Speedy Spa Moving Spa Removal Process

Our professional hot tub movers have extensive experience in removing junk hot tubs. The spa disposal services we provide are completed using the right hot tub moving equipment and strategies.


  • Examining the old hot tub
  • Ensuring the connections like electricity and plumbing are disconnected
  • Ensuring the spa components and parts are dismantled
  • Planning and maneuvering the hot tub away from its location
  • Cutting the old spa in half when necessary
  • Congratulations, your old hot tub is out of your sight!
spa disposal

Tired of the eye-sore your old hot tub is creating in your home? Is that junk hot tub taking up space in your property? Do not let pests and rodents make it their breeding ground. Get in touch with Speedy Spa Moving right now.

As a professional hot tub moving company in Tampa, FL, we offer all kinds of spa moving services including spa disposal. Talk with us today!

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